Rumeenia kokkuvõte

The project’s students’ trip to Romania took place within the framework of the Erasmus+ project 29 May – 3 June.
The students from Estonia who participated in the project were Anna-Kristina Kütt, Lisete Reidma, Sigrit Tõll, Ingela Uussalu and Kristel Jõgi. Teachers Kelly Solovjov and Eva Marta Sokk accompanied as supervisors.
As part of the project, the students stayed in the homes of students from the host country, i.e. Romania. The teachers stayed at the hotel.
The Estonians arrived at the destination country and found their way to their host families at night, after almost three hours of driving from Bucharest airport to Sfantu Gheorghe?
On 30 May, students and teachers already met at school – National College Mihai Viteazul. We were given a lovely introductory concert by Romanian students. Students involved in the project in the target country were also introduced.
We also met students from the countries participating in the project: Portugal, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Italy and Romania.

Lisete Reidma (Estonia, Sindi Gymnasium, 18. years old)

The Erasmus+ project to Romania was the first such experience for me. I even flew for the first time. Without this project, I probably wouldn’t have been able to fly anywhere so soon. At first, I was very nervous because I couldn’t imagine anything at all, but at the same time I felt that this was my chance. I wasn’t wrong…

In the framework of this Romanian project, I got to know so many different nationalities and found new heart friends there. There is no way to put this wonderful feeling of gratitude into words.

We traveled around Romanian cities, integrated with each other and got to know the differences between all cultures. It was a great experience.

Romanian culture is in some ways very similar to our culture, but at the same time so vastly different. Overall, an incredible experience.

Also, the topic of the project about women’s rights was very relevant, and we were able to present the works of our completed project and were inspired by the works of other students.

I want to thank my team, my teachers and the entire team of the host country. It was the coolest trip and the coolest project in the world! 

Ingela Uussalu (Estonia, Sindi Gymnasium, 19. years old)

The Erasmus+ project took me to Romania. A country that has now taken a big place in my heart. This whole experience left a big positive mark on my life. I never thought I would have such an opportunity during high school.

First of all, it is already very nice that there is an opportunity to send a representative of your school to a foreign country. I am so glad that our school, Sindi Gymnasium, is doing something like this.

On the spot, we were able to stay with the families of local students. It was very cool, because I got a soulmate, even a whole family of soulmates, with whom we still communicate.

Every day we met at school and conducted workshops related to the project. We became a lot smarter, especially about women’s rights in different countries. Also, we all integrated very fastly and very well. By the end of the fourth day, the students from Slovenia, Estonia, Romania and Portugal were already like brothers and sisters. Isn’t that one of the biggest ideas of Erasmus+ projects – to make new friends and see the world through different cultures.

In addition to the location of Sfantu Gheorge, we were also able to travel to Bucharest and Brasov.

The host country Romania did a great job and everything was wonderfully planned and executed. Thank you so much! 

Kristel Jõgi

Romanian project was my first project in Erasmus+. I was very nervous about it because I didn’t know much about Romania. I was especially nervous about the hosting, but after that it wasn’t a big deal. We arrived very late so we couldn’t talk much on the first day. The flights were long and exhausting. But the first day in school was awesome. The other teams were very helpful, kind and we talked a lot. First day I was nervous about my English but later I understood that know one cared that much how you talk, but it was more important that we understand each other. 

 The best times were when after school we went to the bar and talked about the day. We just stayed in the bar till our hosts told us it’s getting late and we should go. 

 In school we did many things mixed up with other countries which was really nice. Because with that we talked about our country and our school system and understood what is good in our school and what is better in some other places. I got many new friends from each country, which is very good. 

Maybe next time there should be more  workshops with the countries because it was so good and helped a lot.

Sigrit Tõll

Erasmus+ Romanian project was my very first project of this kind. I didn’t know what to expect and I was very nervous. Going to a different country and staying at a stranger’s house. We got there pretty late actually you could say that we got there in the middle of the night. I was terrified and couldn’t fall asleep. But with time things got better, I got to know my host and other people and the awkward feeling was gone. The Romanian team introduced themselves and their school and all the other countries and our team did the same thing. We got to know the city and school history and  visited local museums. We got to see Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania and Sinaia Royal Castle  and they both were breathtakingly beautiful and very interesting. But sightseeing wasn’t all we did. We also had project themed workshops, we presented our women rights posters and showed a video about stereotypes. Besides all the things we did with school we also had fun being with all the students, going out and visiting restaurants. Goodbyes were hard because with that one week we all had grown so close together. It really was an amazing experience, I got to meet interesting people, learned about Romania and its culture, about equality, rights and stereotypes. We are still friends with all of the participants and this is one of the things I love most about these kinds of projects.

Anna-Kristina Kütt

It was my first trip of this kind and the Erasmus + project gave me the opportunity to experience this. The topic of this project was “Multisystem Approach for Students to save European Rights and the fundamental values”. As mentioned before, this kind of trip was the first for me and it caused fear at first. Going to a foreign country, to meet strangers and stay with them for a week- it is scary and causes a bit of anxiety. To my surprise, Romanian teachers and students were very supportive and helpful. The communication with the students was smooth and we quickly found our own people with whom we are still friends. Every day we had activities and different workshops at school. We also went around different cities in Romania. After school, all students from different countries got together. Overall, I was very satisfied with this trip. I especially miss those friends who stayed there or went back to their countries. I recommend all to  take part in such kind projects, because it is a wonderful opportunity to discover different countries and their nationalities, and above all, it is an opportunity to discover yourself. Thank you to all participants for this wonderful experience.